Thursday, March 22, 2012

Participant ID FAQ

Updated 3/22/2012

The GSCCCA will start requiring all Real Estate eFiling submissions to contain valid Participant ID information effective April 2, 2012.  Below is a list of questions that have been asked regarding the requirements since they were announced.

  1. According to the documentation, a package that contains a "Self Filer" participant must not list any other participants.  Does this mean that a submitter cannot receive and submit a package on behalf of a self filer?

    ANSWER:  That is correct.  Due to concerns regarding fraud and unauthorized practice of law, the Authority has been asked to require that a Self filer may only be allowed to file documents for which they are a named party.  Furthermore, they must also handle their own submissions by filing directly with the Clerk (via the Clerk's chosen portal).

  2. Can a filing package originate from a Submitter?  That is, can the first participant listed in a package be a registered submitter?

    :  No.  While a package may contain multiple Trusted Users and Submitters, documents must originate from a Trusted User who will be held responsible for the content of the document.  As such, the GSCCCA portal expects the first participant listed on a document to be a Trusted User.  The exception is for Self Filers, who must appear as the first and only participant.